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Wood Siding Annapolis, MD

Brightview Builders: A Wood Siding Contractor to Trust

Maybe vinyl or cement board siding isn’t the right choice for you and your family. If so, then consider installing wood siding instead. Wood siding allows you to stand out from the other houses on the block while providing you with superior protection from the elements. More importantly, it delivers a wealth of options to those who choose it and instantly makes your home look classy and independent. Brightview Builders has years of experience installing wood siding throughout Annapolis, MD. Sustainable, eco-friendly building materials are attractive to many of our customers, and wood siding checks all the boxes.

The Many Benefits of Using Wood Siding

So why should you choose wood siding over vinyl and cement wood alternatives? Aesthetics and function come to mind. Wood siding is common for a reason. If you’re considering new siding, then the next step is to choose a material. Some of the reasons to go with wood include:

  • It is easy to stain and paint: Homeowners want to be able to customize their home and make it their own. Fortunately, wood siding makes this task a breeze. There are endless available stain and paint options, and each is easy to apply.
  • It’s environmentally-friendly: Wood doesn’t pollute the environment during the manufacturing process. Not only that, but wood siding is biodegradable. Lastly, if you decide to re-side your home in the future, wood siding is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Wood siding is tough and durable: The most essential role your siding plays in your home is protecting it from the elements. Not only is wood siding tough enough to withstand the elements, but it also lasts a long time.
  • It boosts your home’s value: Even at the lowest quality wood species, wood siding boosts your property value. The higher-grade the wood, the more your home’s value is enhanced.

Choose from a Variety of Wood Siding Species

There are a multitude of species to choose from if you opt for wood siding on your house. Brightview Builders can help you determine which option is best for your home. We understand the practical and aesthetic benefits and qualities of each option thoroughly, and we’re great at communicating and listening to our clients’ needs. We offer the following wood species:

  • Pine: Pine is one of the most common and popular wood siding species. It’s great because it lasts a long time and keeps its finish well. Pine is one of the least expensive wood siding varieties, but it still looks great after being stained and painted. We make sure the wood is sealed correctly, as pine is not naturally-resistant to rot.
  • Fir: Fir is a softwood, but like pine, it is durable. Unlike pine, fir is available in much longer lengths. Its versatility makes it a better option for larger houses than pine. The softness of the wood means it can be cut into a variety of shapes and enables numerous installation techniques. We can use board-and-batten, shiplap, or tongue-and-groove patterning without difficulty.
  • Spruce: Spruce is another softwood, along with line pine and fir, looks fantastic after you finish and paint them. Spruce also comes in a variety of grades, so be sure to ask Brightview Builders, and we’ll make sure you get premium-grade spruce wood if you want it. One thing to keep in mind: Spruce doesn’t grow in a way that makes longer boards possible. If you have a larger house, it’s best to stick with fir.
  • Redwood: Redwood’s distinctive color and pattern is only part of its appeal. Because it is resistant to shrinking, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the wood if the joints warp. More importantly, it’s durable. Redwood works in all climates, meaning it will protect your house during the winter and summer alike.
  • Cedar: Cedar is attractive, easy to stain, and not difficult to maintain. Additionally, this species is resistant to cupping, swelling, and splitting. It’s forgiving and easy to shape as well. Perhaps most importantly, cedar has a distinct, red woodgrain appearance, which will make your home stand out from others.
  • Cypress: Cypress’ defining trait is its durability. Strong, but beautiful, cypress is attractive to homeowners in Annapolis, MD. Wood siding must be functional. But aesthetics is one of the reasons you’re choosing it over vinyl or cement board. Cypress is similar to both cedar and redwood. It can be difficult to mill, but Brightview Builders is careful to use only appropriately milled boards.

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In addition to wood siding, we’re experts at selling and installing vinyl siding and cement board siding. While we’re big fans of wood siding, both vinyl and cement board provide an array of benefits to homeowners throughout Annapolis, MD. Contact us today to get started.

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