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Five Top DIY Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

The hardest work is in the planning

DIY Kitchen Remodel in Severna Park, MD

Five Top DIY Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

Are you planning a do it yourself kitchen remodel? The hardest work is in the planning. Make sure to plan your remodel thoroughly so that you do not get stuck with a kitchen with one of these five top DIY kitchen remodel mistakes.

Ignoring the Work Triangle Rule

The time-honored kitchen work triangle is a necessity for a fully optimal kitchen layout. To design the triangle, make sure that the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink are placed close to one another for the most efficiency possible. These three areas are the busiest areas in the kitchen so you do not want to spread them out too far or crowd them together in a straight line.

Not Enough Counter and Storage Space

Insufficient Counter Space - Kitchen Remodeling Mistake

Make sure to consider the amount of counter space and storage that you will need. It is important to not underestimate on this factor. A kitchen remodeling professional can give you advice on all of the ways you can add storage to your kitchen space.

Not Thinking About the Long Run

What are the top attributes that you would like to see in your kitchen? Remember that you and your family will live with this kitchen remodel for a long time. For example, if you plan on adding to your family, you will want to plan on increased pantry storage in the future.


Your overall kitchen design must be thought of when making each individual decision regarding such things as cabinet color, hardware, and flooring. Remember that everything must coordinate or your kitchen remodel will look like a jumbled mess.

Not Ensuring That Appliances Will Fit

Make sure that you keep in mind what the dimensions of your appliances are before you commit to a certain design of cabinets. The layout for your cabinets may not accommodate your desired appliances and may need to be adjusted.

There are many options as well as planning responsibilities with a kitchen remodel. If this seems overwhelming, contact Brightview Builders to guide you through the process.